Are you looking for a speaker for your conference, organization or network marketing event? Perhaps I’m the right person, perhaps not. Before I talk about topics and experience here are what some folks have to say who have seen me at live events:

“I’ve known Troy for many years and first met him in his capacity as a professional trainer. I have seen Troy speak before groups multiple times in areas ranging from business building to technology and health and fitness. He creates a very welcoming and comfortable environment, and immediately gives you a sense that you are going to have fun. Troy’s speaking and training techniques involve real world experience, humor, faith and an unmatched knowledge of the topic he is speaking about. These skills are all matched with a personality that makes you feel like old friends!”

-Chris Norton – Business customer and former student


The Wrong Point of View

If you are like most companies you agree with the statement, “Our customers are our highest priority!” It makes sense, for your business to succeed and grow you need happy customers! It’s a good sentiment, meaning we prize our customers above all else, but in reality it’s an inverted point of view.

Who Should Be Your Number 1 Priority?

It’s not the customers who need to be first priority for the success of your company. Truly it’s not. It’s the people who make the customers happy. When I  am invited to speak to an organization my highest priority is simple, help the people in the audience reach their highest potential. Happy customers, the kind who will return again and again AND refer their friends to you will do so for three main reasons:

  1. You have great products and over deliver on your promises.
  2. You have a great reputation.
  3. You have employees/business builders who are at the top of their game and love what they do.

The first two will happen automatically…if you focus on the third.


I have crisscrossed the United States and Canada speaking to small and large groups. Sometimes it is 5-10 of an organizations top people in an area. At other times I’ve been invited on stage and honored for leadership before over 10,000 people at network marketing events. My experience includes multiple training opportunities for Fortune 100 companies.

Areas of Training

Although I speak and train in a number of areas here are my 3 signature topics:

  1. How to Find and Keep the Perfect EmployeeSuit

    How many thousands of dollars does it cost you to integrate a new hire into your organization? How many times have you spent weeks, months or even years searching for the perfect candidate, only to soon discover they are a poor fit in your culture? In this training I’ll teach you:

    • Where and how to look for the perfect candidates.
    • Why skills should be secondary in the search process.
    • How to discover if a person is a good fit before you extend an offer.
    • The five things that will keep an employee at your company, even when they are being courted by the competition.
  2. Customer Retention in Direct Sales (Network Marketing)

    In the age of social media and online shopping behemoths (hello Amazon) how do you keep people buying in your direct sales business? You put a lot of effort to bring customers in, but a large percentage will leave the minute they find a lower price.

    Adding new customers is great, but the real money is keeping people buying once they’re in. In this training I’ll teach your business builders:

    • Why the slick customer retention tricks from 10 years ago no longer apply.
    • Why social media is losing you both current and potential new customers and how to make it work in your favor.
    • The 3-4 small changes that will keep a customer from leaving.
    • The exact combination of classic methods and new strategies needed to make consistent customer income.
  3. People Skills for the non-People Personloner

    It’s been said that no matter the job at least 60% of your time is spent interacting with people. As you move further up the corporate ladder that number eventually jumps above 90%. But what if you (or your staff) are fantastic in their work, but just aren’t high in those soft people skills? In this training I’ll teach your organization:

    • Why superior products often don’t sell, while mediocre products make millions.
    • How to meet someone and become their friend in less than 90 seconds.
    • The four crucial (yet simple) steps to form a long-term bond with customers, vendors and partners that will greatly improve your bottom line.

In addition to the signature topics listed above I also offer training in the following areas:

  • Excellence in Customer Service (How to be the kind of company that customers LOVE)
  • How to Move from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Free and Low Cost Ways to Use the Cloud to Grow Your Business

If you’d like to ask any questions or check my availability just use the form below.